Have the car pushed to back of the garage now, and curtains of plastic hanging to keep from covering everything in red dust.  Done a bit more sanding and took off a door panel to see what lurked behind it.

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Wow. . .4 months gone by already since I got the car and I have made little progress.  But. . .school is over now and I'm a free man for awhile.  Hopefully things will start looking up now.


No updates for a few weeks now.  Been too busy with school to do any work on the Nova.  Borrowed some car dollies from my dad to put the nova on so I can move it around the garage easily to give me some more room.  Just a few more weeks until this semester is over then I'll have some free time.


Now that I have something real to work with, things may go a bit faster.

Happy Anniversary Dad & Mom

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Slowly but surely, metal comes shining through.  I don't think this is the first time this has been worked on.  Describing this as thick may be an understatement.  Layer after layer after layer . . .

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Ok, the vinyl top is off.  Lots of adhesive stuck still, and signs of rust.  Even a hole rusted through.  It would seem the Nova was YELLOW in the beginning. . .how sad.  Somewhere under all of that there is nice and shiny metal.  Looks like a great place for a wasp nest.

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Ok, here is a before picture.  It doesn't look too bad from a distance.  Definitely some rust here and there.  The vinyl top is going to be a pain.  Almost afraid to see what's underneath.  And I do hope this is the only dead 'critter' that I find in it.

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Welcome to my 1967 Chevy II Homepage.  This will be an ongoing project so check back often for updates. 


Mark Robinson